Merry Christmas!

Sorry about bad updates! Things are well, and today we had the last seminar of this year... pretty sweet!
I will write a longer entrance in a few days so stay tuned.


My room.

Here are a couple of pictures to show you how my room looks:


Time is flying!


It's been too long since I wrote on this blog! Sorry. I haven't been at my parents' place recently either so I haven't been able to call.

I'm doing good anyways. Living in my appartment, studying for seminars and examination essays and hanging out with friends. This friday I was at a John's house having a crayfish party with a bunch of other people, it's kind of a tradition here in Sweden during late summer/fall. It was a blast!

These passed few weeks I've been to several other parties as well and I have gotten to know quite many people here in my new town. I really like it here and school is great - so far. I won't say the seminars have been easy but I'm sure I'll learn how to prepare for them so that they will be easier later on. I think you would like my new home town, it's fairly small but big enough to have good opportunities for shopping etc. I guess I could compare it to West Lafayette and be pretty close.

Last weekend I actually went home but didn't spend a lot of time at my parent's house. Saturday we went to IKEA and I bought the rest of the things I need for my household. Expensive - everything is cheap but when you decide to buy many things the bill gets larger. We had a good time though, my mom, Anna and me. Saturday night I went to a friend's birthday party and slept at another friend's house. Sunday I packed a few more things to take home with me and my parents drove me to the appartment. Very nice of them! They also helped me unpack everything I bought at IKEA and I finally got my room finished. Sweet!

More over I'm planning on going home next weekend so we'll se if I'll have the time to call then. I hope so! There will also be an event in a town where some of my friends live so I might go there to see them. Until then I've got an essay to write, I probably have to start today. Hopefully it'll go well.

Now I'm going to clean the kitchen, my room mate is at her boyfriend's house so I guess it's my turn.

I hope all is well on your side of the Atlantic ocean!
Miss you like crazy and will try to call you soon!


Time to update..

I haven had access to a computor for the last week because I moved to the appartment one week earlier. I love it here though! I have got several new friends and the whole group taking media has done a lot of fun things together: music quiz, walking around town, picknic, building rafts and race with them and some parties.. fun, fun! 

Gotta go now, but I'll keep in touch!


First half of August.


Yesterday I went to see the appartment. I signed the contract a week ago and I'll move in at september 1:st. I'm so excited! It is larger than I had imagined and the area seems to be pretty calm. My room is just next to the kitchen and it has several wardrobes. I wasn't all to happy with the colors but I think I'll like the room anyway. I met both the girls who are living there at the moment. One of them is moving out soon. They were very nice so I hope it will go well sharing the appartment! My parents and my sister's kids went with me and they all seemed pleased as well.  

I did some shopping in city while we were there waiting to go see the appartment. In half an hour I bought two tanktops and a jeans skirt, I think I shop better when I have a limited amount of time. It was a good day. 


Last weekend we (the whole family) went to the country music festival in Furuvik, close to Gävle. The American country star Mark Chesnutt was there preforming. It was great seeing him! Gravity - a bluegrass band that both my sister and I like - played as well. Sweet! My friend Christopher joined us there and we had a good time going on the merry-go-rounds ((or NOT!)) it was super scary! Or.. it might be me.. I'm a wuss.. but it was an experience anyway. Emilia was pleased so it was definitly worth the ride! They had a small stage in the park where people could go up and dance line dance, so I did that a few times. Fun! I really had a good time that evening!


My sister has bought a house (a little while ago) so she is moving soon too and we will help her transporting the furniture then. I was there and supposed to help her pack earlier this week and at the same time I went to my hairdresser an cut a few inches of my hair. Different! 

                             This is how I look now...

Coming up this weekend is the annual "festival" in our town. Saturday there is a band playing at the park in Alfta. I'll go with my sister this year, I'm sure we both will know a lot of people there. Sunday there will be a carneval where people "make fun" of things that have happened in our community during the passed year. Afterwards there are preformances at the "people's park" and one of the groups that participate in the carneval wins a prize. It's fun!

Next weekend it is "Swing i Swaben" a dancing event that a friend of mine is arranging. Unfortunately I'll move one day that weekend so I don't know if I can attend the event both nights. I'm sure it will be good though, there are a lot of good bands going there to preform.  

I don't think I have much more than that on my agenda yet.. 

Hope all is well!


My mother's garden.


A while ago I went out close by our house to take a few photos, and this is what I got. Most flowers are planted though. I'll write a new entry soon telling you a bit more about my preporations for college etc.


A trip to Finland.

Hi there,

I haven't had a lot of time to update this blog for a while again.. I recently put a translation tool on my other blog (the one I write in Swedish) so that you can follow my every day craziness. The converter translate word by word though, so the English language might be wrong some times. You can find my other blog on this address: (or in the menu to the left). The Google converter is in the upper left corner, just push English and you'll be able to understand at least a part of what I have written.

I've been working for the passed two weeks. I'm cleaning for eldery people in the villages closest to my home. It's very interesting because you meet a lot of people and I like to see how they live. A normal day ends around 03.00 pm so I get some free time in the evenings. I work two more weeks and then I'll start preparing for school start. Exciting! I've allready started my search for dormrooms/appartments and I'll keep you updated how the process is going.

Kathryn, thank you so much for sending me the page with the pictures! I really enjoyed watching them. You were beautiful! and everyone else were pretty too! Hope you had a wonderful day! (Shorty gave me some updates last time we spoke...)

The only thing I can tell you about that has been fun lately is that I spent last weekend in Finland with some friends. We went to see Brian Setzer Orchestra and it was just as amazing as the last time... or all of the earlier times I've seen Mr Setzer playing with different bands! I picked my good friends Christopher and John up on friday to go down to Stockholm where we caught the ferry to Turku. That evening we hung out with some other people we knew and in the morning we drove to Pori where the annual jazz festival was held. There were about 50 000 people in the crowd and we got spots in the front by the stage. Amazing! The gig was quite similar to the Christmas show I went to with Joe in Aurora, IL the only difference was that he played some other songs (not Christmas songs obviously) and that they preformed outside in the summer sun. After the show almost all of us went to a pub in Pori where we hung out until I got tired and decided to drive back to Turku where the ferry would departure the following morning. For a few hours we slept in the car and for most part of the boat trip we were in the cabin, sleeping. It was an incredible fun weekend!

                 The guys and me at Pori Jazz Festival '09

Otherwise there's not much going on overe here. This upcoming week I'll go see another band called Fatboy (from Sweden) I'm excited about that. There are some other events coming up as well, but since I haven't decided to which I am going to I'll tell you more about them later... 

I hope all is well! I really miss you guys, and I hope to see you soon!


I got in!

Hi there!
Now I gotsome great news for you. Earlier this evening I found out that I got in on the educational program I wanted, media/communication working with commercials and visual communication. I'm so happy!

I actually have got to thank Mr Smith (hope you're reading this) for choosing this programme. Without speech class I wouldn't have become as interested in communication as I am now. Your class ment alot to me, I had a great time and I learnt a lot! I'm so greatful, thank you!

I just wanted to tell you as soon as possible so that you know what's going on.


Time for some music!

Hi there,
I thought I'd let you listen to a few of the songs spinning around in my music player right now. Hope you'll like them!

Hollywood Flames - Buzz Buzz Buzz

John Lindberg Trio - Brand New Philosophy

Josh Turner & Randy Travis

Hope all is well! I miss y'all!!


Glad Midsommar!

I wish y'all a happy Midsummer celebration (with a pic from last year)!

News article 11/6 - 09


The local newspaper wrote about our graduation and I ended up being in one of the pictures. See the blue skirt with white dotts?! :)

Love ya!

Graduation 10/6 - 2009


finally I've gone through my graduation here in Sweden too! I went up around five o'clock to shower and get ready. 07.00 a.m. my dad and I picked Jennie up to go to Edsbyn for breakfast. All of the Class of '09 students were gathering to eat together at the hotel. The food was yummy! One hour later my class - the economy class - walked to the school where we were to be photographed. After that we had the opportunity to talk to people and write in each others graduation hats while the rest of the classes had their pictures taken.

10.15 our principal gathered us in the arena where the speeches were held and grades were handed out. I'm very pleased with my grades by the way! Then we rehearsed the student song before we went out on the balcony to sing it. By then all the families, relatives and other friends had assembled outside the school. When the song was sung the classes marched out. Our class were second. Then we met our families, got flowers and greetings before we lined up to go to a park close by. The families went there as well.

Companies in our community handed out scholarships to some of the students - didn't get one - and once again speeches were held. When the ceremony was done we got to take some pictures with friends in the park before people went home for their receptions.



There were quite a few people who came to greet me. Two of my aunts and uncles with their husband/wife, my sister and the kids of course, Peter was there, two good friends to our family and I got flowers from both relatives and friends. So nice of them!

We offered people sandwich layer-cake to eat and for "fika" we had caces with whip cream and strawberried/marzipan. It seemed like people liked it. It was very nice to see all of those who came! The last people left aroud 06.00 p.m. and then our family went to Bollnäs for dinner. It's a resturant that kind of reminds me of Cracker Barrel, they have delicious American food. The closest I could get to you guys I guess, but you were with me in my mind all day anyways! :)


The evening I spent in Edsbyn at the "pub" Röda Bonden (Red Farmer). The students at school had booked it so most people from my grade were there. It was nice to see them all for the last time! (Some of them I'll probably see again..)  

That's it. Graduation is over and I'm free! How sweet is that?!! 

Hope all is well with you all! I'm gonna call the Brauns soon, so they'll have some more updates.

Love and miss y'all!

Prom 3/6 -09

Hi there!
Hope things are well! This time you're one of the first to get the updates. I've promised my dear American mom to post the prom pictures here.

So, yesterday was prom. My sister and her friend would do make up and hair. They were here a little bit after 08.00 am to get started. My sister put tons of foundation on my face before Helen started with the hair do. Curls, bobby pins and loads of hairspray. It took about two hours and 30 minutes to get it done. Then my sister did the make up. I was really happy with how it came out!



When all of that was done we ate lunch and then Anna and Helen went home. I put on my dress and the jewlery and then the photographer came (I was photographed at home). The "photo session" took us about one hour all together. We had to be inside for a few pictures since it was raining outside, but it stopped after a while. I think he got some really good pictures, I'm excited to see them! My parents assisted us when taking the photos and they took some pictures as well.

We had arranged for Nisse to come and pick us (Jennie and me) up in his Willys 77 Knight from 1936. My dad had a similar car and Nisse got parts from that one to build his car.


We had to wait for a while before we got to do our entrance. A lot of people were there taking pictures. We were among the first cars to go in, so we got to see several of the other entrances as well.


When all the students had arrived we went to the backyard for pictures with friends and family.





After that parents, relatives and friends went home. The classes gathered for group pictures before we went inside to eat. The food was delicious! The apetiser was bread with shrimp dressing. Pork stake with potatoes au gratin, hot vegetables and sallad was the main dish and for desert we got chocolate mousse with strawberries. Yummy!

It took a while to eat. In between the dishes were served we could wander around to stretch our legs a little bit. When I was to sit down again though, I needed my partner (the guy sitting opposite me) to move my chair. I was a bit unused to that. He bought me a drink afterwards as well. Very nice of him!

After dinner we danced. I was asked quite a lot actually. My teacher got the first dance, and a class mate the second. It was fun! I talked to a lot of people and had a great time. I honestly did not have high expectations on prom this time, but suprise, suprise.. I was wrong. It was way more fun than I ever thought it would be! I felt like a princess dancing and wandering around i that dress!

Click here to see more pictures from the prom.

I might post some more pictures here later if I get some.

Hope things are well, I'm missing you all!


Almost done with school.

Sorry that I've been away from the blog for so long! These passed few weeks have been horrible, I'll tell you. I have had several assignments to turn in. Some of them have been laying on my desk since the fall semester. I've stayed up late every night to get them done. I had one marketing assignment due today. In my presentation I was supposed to come up with arguments to sell a mascara for men. Not so easy!  I had good use of the things I learned in speech class. Here's the advertisment I created:


Today was my last day in school though. I'll have to go there for grade talk and then my class are getting together do some preparations for graduation day. June 10th is the day! I spoke to one of my teachers this morning about my grade in "English conversation", a course I've attended since February and I got top results. I'm so happy!

Speaking of english conversation, daddy and mommy Braun, I'll probably call again soon. I'm really curious about wedding, graduation and everything else that's going on!

More over I'm waiting for my sister and her kids to come. They're on their way right now. We're going to try out the make up for prom. I've tried it once already but to be sure we'll do it again. Photographer, hair appointment and car is already taken care of. I just have to wear my shoes so I can manage them on prom day.  

My parents are doing well too. I think they are really excited about prom and graduation too. My mom has been offered to go back to her old job - sort of - they need some help on the economy department because one of the employers is sick. Mom's still considering but I think she might do it. A while anyways. Daddy has been working with wood a whole lot lately. We have a bunch of logs laying in our back yard that he's chopping to burn. Also one of our maples broke after a storm a couple of weeks ago. A branch fell off so he had to deal with that too.


Anna is doing well. She's got a new job since a month back. She seems to like it. The kids are fine too. All excited about summer vacation it seems. They'll stay with us for two weeks this summer, I'm looking forward to that!

I'll write some more about my summer plans in another entry. I will also give you updates on prom and graduation. I wish though. that you all could be here to celebrate with me!

Love y'all!

Lisa goes artistic..

Hi there!
Last weekend I spent some time at my sister's house and while she was gone buying breakfast I went outside with my camera. Here are some of the pictures:




Blue spring sky

We call them Natt och dag (Night and day)

The last picture is one of the woods

Otherwise things are well. I know I've been bad at doing updates here, but I'll get better. I promise!
Hopefully I'll have some time to write a longer entry this weekend.

Love ya!

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