A trip to Stockholm.

The weather is weird here in Sweden. It's been really cold the past few weeks and now all of a sudden, the snow is melting again. When I walked home from the bus stop a while ago I almost fell on the ice. Not so nice. 

Anyway. Last tursday-friday (20-21 of November) went to Stockholm with my class in school. We went to the trade fair where most of the colleges and universities were informing about their programs. I don't know how many bags with brochures I had home with me on friday. Thursday night we went to Dramaten, a popular theatre where all the celebreties go. The play wasn't the best I've seen. I actually liked the plays up at West Side better :) I went to bed early that night. Totally exhausted!
Friday we got to spend on our own. I went shopping with some girls before lunch and after that I went to Sivletto, my favorite store in Stockholm. They sell rockabilly stuff. I bought a pair of bibs (Dickies) and just enjoyed the visit. There are so many nice things to look at. Our bus went home about 4.00 pm and I was so tired I slept most of the way. The ride took a little over three hours, not too bad.

Saturday-sunday I spent at a friends house and saturday night we went to listen to John Lindberg Trio (some friends who play in a rockabilly band). It was a whole lot of fun! I didn't go to sleep until 4.30 am. Haha!

I'll give you an update on what's happening this weekend later.



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