A trip to Finland.

Hi there,

I haven't had a lot of time to update this blog for a while again.. I recently put a translation tool on my other blog (the one I write in Swedish) so that you can follow my every day craziness. The converter translate word by word though, so the English language might be wrong some times. You can find my other blog on this address: http://jordgubbslisa.blogg.se/ (or in the menu to the left). The Google converter is in the upper left corner, just push English and you'll be able to understand at least a part of what I have written.

I've been working for the passed two weeks. I'm cleaning for eldery people in the villages closest to my home. It's very interesting because you meet a lot of people and I like to see how they live. A normal day ends around 03.00 pm so I get some free time in the evenings. I work two more weeks and then I'll start preparing for school start. Exciting! I've allready started my search for dormrooms/appartments and I'll keep you updated how the process is going.

Kathryn, thank you so much for sending me the page with the pictures! I really enjoyed watching them. You were beautiful! and everyone else were pretty too! Hope you had a wonderful day! (Shorty gave me some updates last time we spoke...)

The only thing I can tell you about that has been fun lately is that I spent last weekend in Finland with some friends. We went to see Brian Setzer Orchestra and it was just as amazing as the last time... or all of the earlier times I've seen Mr Setzer playing with different bands! I picked my good friends Christopher and John up on friday to go down to Stockholm where we caught the ferry to Turku. That evening we hung out with some other people we knew and in the morning we drove to Pori where the annual jazz festival was held. There were about 50 000 people in the crowd and we got spots in the front by the stage. Amazing! The gig was quite similar to the Christmas show I went to with Joe in Aurora, IL the only difference was that he played some other songs (not Christmas songs obviously) and that they preformed outside in the summer sun. After the show almost all of us went to a pub in Pori where we hung out until I got tired and decided to drive back to Turku where the ferry would departure the following morning. For a few hours we slept in the car and for most part of the boat trip we were in the cabin, sleeping. It was an incredible fun weekend!

                 The guys and me at Pori Jazz Festival '09

Otherwise there's not much going on overe here. This upcoming week I'll go see another band called Fatboy (from Sweden) I'm excited about that. There are some other events coming up as well, but since I haven't decided to which I am going to I'll tell you more about them later... 

I hope all is well! I really miss you guys, and I hope to see you soon!



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