Prom 3/6 -09

Hi there!
Hope things are well! This time you're one of the first to get the updates. I've promised my dear American mom to post the prom pictures here.

So, yesterday was prom. My sister and her friend would do make up and hair. They were here a little bit after 08.00 am to get started. My sister put tons of foundation on my face before Helen started with the hair do. Curls, bobby pins and loads of hairspray. It took about two hours and 30 minutes to get it done. Then my sister did the make up. I was really happy with how it came out!



When all of that was done we ate lunch and then Anna and Helen went home. I put on my dress and the jewlery and then the photographer came (I was photographed at home). The "photo session" took us about one hour all together. We had to be inside for a few pictures since it was raining outside, but it stopped after a while. I think he got some really good pictures, I'm excited to see them! My parents assisted us when taking the photos and they took some pictures as well.

We had arranged for Nisse to come and pick us (Jennie and me) up in his Willys 77 Knight from 1936. My dad had a similar car and Nisse got parts from that one to build his car.


We had to wait for a while before we got to do our entrance. A lot of people were there taking pictures. We were among the first cars to go in, so we got to see several of the other entrances as well.


When all the students had arrived we went to the backyard for pictures with friends and family.





After that parents, relatives and friends went home. The classes gathered for group pictures before we went inside to eat. The food was delicious! The apetiser was bread with shrimp dressing. Pork stake with potatoes au gratin, hot vegetables and sallad was the main dish and for desert we got chocolate mousse with strawberries. Yummy!

It took a while to eat. In between the dishes were served we could wander around to stretch our legs a little bit. When I was to sit down again though, I needed my partner (the guy sitting opposite me) to move my chair. I was a bit unused to that. He bought me a drink afterwards as well. Very nice of him!

After dinner we danced. I was asked quite a lot actually. My teacher got the first dance, and a class mate the second. It was fun! I talked to a lot of people and had a great time. I honestly did not have high expectations on prom this time, but suprise, suprise.. I was wrong. It was way more fun than I ever thought it would be! I felt like a princess dancing and wandering around i that dress!

Click here to see more pictures from the prom.

I might post some more pictures here later if I get some.

Hope things are well, I'm missing you all!



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