Time is flying!


It's been too long since I wrote on this blog! Sorry. I haven't been at my parents' place recently either so I haven't been able to call.

I'm doing good anyways. Living in my appartment, studying for seminars and examination essays and hanging out with friends. This friday I was at a John's house having a crayfish party with a bunch of other people, it's kind of a tradition here in Sweden during late summer/fall. It was a blast!

These passed few weeks I've been to several other parties as well and I have gotten to know quite many people here in my new town. I really like it here and school is great - so far. I won't say the seminars have been easy but I'm sure I'll learn how to prepare for them so that they will be easier later on. I think you would like my new home town, it's fairly small but big enough to have good opportunities for shopping etc. I guess I could compare it to West Lafayette and be pretty close.

Last weekend I actually went home but didn't spend a lot of time at my parent's house. Saturday we went to IKEA and I bought the rest of the things I need for my household. Expensive - everything is cheap but when you decide to buy many things the bill gets larger. We had a good time though, my mom, Anna and me. Saturday night I went to a friend's birthday party and slept at another friend's house. Sunday I packed a few more things to take home with me and my parents drove me to the appartment. Very nice of them! They also helped me unpack everything I bought at IKEA and I finally got my room finished. Sweet!

More over I'm planning on going home next weekend so we'll se if I'll have the time to call then. I hope so! There will also be an event in a town where some of my friends live so I might go there to see them. Until then I've got an essay to write, I probably have to start today. Hopefully it'll go well.

Now I'm going to clean the kitchen, my room mate is at her boyfriend's house so I guess it's my turn.

I hope all is well on your side of the Atlantic ocean!
Miss you like crazy and will try to call you soon!



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