First half of August.


Yesterday I went to see the appartment. I signed the contract a week ago and I'll move in at september 1:st. I'm so excited! It is larger than I had imagined and the area seems to be pretty calm. My room is just next to the kitchen and it has several wardrobes. I wasn't all to happy with the colors but I think I'll like the room anyway. I met both the girls who are living there at the moment. One of them is moving out soon. They were very nice so I hope it will go well sharing the appartment! My parents and my sister's kids went with me and they all seemed pleased as well.  

I did some shopping in city while we were there waiting to go see the appartment. In half an hour I bought two tanktops and a jeans skirt, I think I shop better when I have a limited amount of time. It was a good day. 


Last weekend we (the whole family) went to the country music festival in Furuvik, close to Gävle. The American country star Mark Chesnutt was there preforming. It was great seeing him! Gravity - a bluegrass band that both my sister and I like - played as well. Sweet! My friend Christopher joined us there and we had a good time going on the merry-go-rounds ((or NOT!)) it was super scary! Or.. it might be me.. I'm a wuss.. but it was an experience anyway. Emilia was pleased so it was definitly worth the ride! They had a small stage in the park where people could go up and dance line dance, so I did that a few times. Fun! I really had a good time that evening!


My sister has bought a house (a little while ago) so she is moving soon too and we will help her transporting the furniture then. I was there and supposed to help her pack earlier this week and at the same time I went to my hairdresser an cut a few inches of my hair. Different! 

                             This is how I look now...

Coming up this weekend is the annual "festival" in our town. Saturday there is a band playing at the park in Alfta. I'll go with my sister this year, I'm sure we both will know a lot of people there. Sunday there will be a carneval where people "make fun" of things that have happened in our community during the passed year. Afterwards there are preformances at the "people's park" and one of the groups that participate in the carneval wins a prize. It's fun!

Next weekend it is "Swing i Swaben" a dancing event that a friend of mine is arranging. Unfortunately I'll move one day that weekend so I don't know if I can attend the event both nights. I'm sure it will be good though, there are a lot of good bands going there to preform.  

I don't think I have much more than that on my agenda yet.. 

Hope all is well!


My mother's garden.


A while ago I went out close by our house to take a few photos, and this is what I got. Most flowers are planted though. I'll write a new entry soon telling you a bit more about my preporations for college etc.


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