Time to tell y'all what has been going on here in Sweden the last few months:

Dancing is going well. I think the interest for line dance is increasing. I have between 20-25 people in my beginner group and another 25 in my beginner/intermediate group. It's so much fun! Yesterday I found out about a course where you learn more about what it takes to be an instructor. I think my association will let me go. It only takes one day and then you're certified.

October 23rd I passed my driving test so I've got my licence now. It's such a relief!

The first snow fell over Hälsingland on November 31st. I spent Halloween with my sister and the kids in a town close to Hudiksvall where they live. Emilia and Elias cut their pumpkins and that must be a hidden talent of theirs...

              Made by Elias (left) and Emilia (right).

School is taking a lot of time these days. All the students in my class have started UF companies. I work with my friend Jennie and we're going to sell a Christmas record that she is recording. The whole UF thing (UF means enterprising youth or something close to it) and we do it to lear how to run a company. We are required to do it because economy is our major. The process is very stressful but in the mean time it's fun and very different from writing essays and taking tests.

I've been to several rockabilly gigs this fall too. The Swedish band Domestic Bumblebees played together with Danish Randy Rich  a couple of weeks ago. It was really neat to hear them live. They played in Enviken where my sister and I went this saturday (i wrote about it in the last entry) and they really shook the place!

              Domestic Bumblebees with Randy Rich

Some other news that I really want to share (I know I've told some of you allready) is that my friends are recording a song with a text that I've written. Their band is called John Lindberg Trio. After my sister's friend heard about that, he wanted me to write a text for them as well. So I did and that one is about to be recorded too. It's really exciting! :)

So, this is somethings that have been going on. Seems like I'm busy all the time. I'll keep you updated!

You can comment on the entries if you click on "kommentarer", I'm sorry that all the words, except for those I write, are in Swedish... But on the other hand, it's a great opportunity for you to practice! Haha!



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