Happy Easter!

About two weeks ago I turned twenty. Adult at last or what? Haha. I didn't have a big party or anything. The day before my birthday my friend Christopher came to visit and then, on the actual day my aunt came to celebrate me together with the rest of the family. It was really nice! I got some neat presents; a curling iron for my hair, a necklace, two rings and some lottery tickets. I didn't win the million though...  

My birthday cake - Princess cake - Prinsesstårta

Family                                                       Presents

The following week the UF market (for the company thing we do in school) was arranged. Jennie and I had quite a lot of trouble getting the wallpaper upp in the stand. Also it was the wrong season to sell Christmas records, but we sold one and we had a great time standing there seeing people all day.

A lot of people attended the event.

Here's Jennie and I in our stand at the market.

Our stand. We even offered people to have a saffron bun.

Then it was my dad's birthday. We didn't celebrate much. I had to go to my sister's place to babysit. That was the plan anyways. The line dance coursers have ended too so I should be having a lot of time over for things I want to do now (like calling the Brauns a little bit more often...). I don't know if I'll teach line dance next semester since I might be off to college. It felt pretty strange though, to say goodbye to the participants. The 27th of April we'll have a small party to "celebrate" that this semester is done.  

My two line dance groups.

I haven't been up to more things than these. Now we're celebrating Easter. Tomorrow my sister and I will go to a rockabilly gig where my friend Christopher and his band are playing together with another group. Springtime is here  even though we still have some snow laying on the ground. I'll post some pictures later this weekend. 

Happy Easter folks! I'll write again soon. 




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