Having a cold.

Hi there!

I've been at home for the last two days. My throat is sore and my head is really heavy. Today I'm planning on going out though. I mean, not out-out.. I'm going to see my hairdresser.  

It's my mom's birthday today so we're going to celebrate her tonight. My sister and her kids are coming home over the weekend as well so it'll be nice.

Lately I've been very busy with school. There are a lot of assignments due this semester. It feels great though to be heading towards graduation! We haven't planned the reception yet but I think we'll just do something small with the family and some close friends. I'll let you know.

The passed couple of weeks I've arraged most of the things for prom. I booked a photographer, hairdresser and a vehicle. I'm sure it'll be great! My mom will help me take a look at the dress incase something has to be done before I can use it. Then I just need to find a pair of shoes and maybe a pair of gloves. And voila, I'm all set!! Haha.

This winter we've had a lot of snow and the "weather guy" has said we'll have a few more inches this weekend. I add a picture that I took one week ago. At least it shows some of the snow. I wish you all could be here to see it! 

                   Swedish winter.

Other things that have happened here since I wrote the last time is:

My line dance "classes" have started. Monday night I dance three hours and tuesdays I dance one hour. I've got great groups this semester and it's a lot of fun!

January 24th my sister and I went out to dance when a very popular "dance band" came to our village to play. We had a lot of fun! The band is called 'Larz Kristerz' and they were on a tv-show last fall. I'll add a picture of them below: 


Then my relatives came to visit last weekend. My cousin and his seven month old son. So cute! Guess who was babysitting big part of the time?! :)

That's about all that have happened over here. More updates later.

Hope you're doing well!



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