Holiday update.

Hi there!

I hope y'all had a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year celebration!

Christmas I woke up late. The phone was ringing and my aunt called to say they wouldn be able to make it this year. Usually they come to visit before noon on Christmas Eve (when we celebrate in Sweden). So I ate some breakfast and got dressed before I helped my mother with the food. I talked to my sister on the phone and she said she was on her way. Shortly after 2 pm she arrived and we sat down to eat. Ham, herring, salmon, beetroot salad, potatoes, stockfish, meatballs and bread was some of the things on the table. Yummy!

After the dinner we played some games and talked about things. It was really nice, although I was outclassed on Trivial Persuit... Anyways, later we ate porridge which is a traditional meal around Christmas here in Sweden. I don't get how people can eat so much during the holidays, really?! We went to bed fairly early without opening the presents like we usually do. We wanted to wait until my sister's kids were there with us.

                     The table with Christmas food.

                     The living room with our Christmas tree.

Christmas day morning I woke up around 9 o'clock am and then I was ready for breakfast; wheat buns (shaped like billy goats) with hot chocolate, it's delicious! My mom's cousin came to visit shortley after that. Anna and I got to help him with some things on the computor and then we "fikade" (fika means "take some coffe and a cake"). My sister talked to a friend of her's and they made plans for us to go out dancing that night. 

After lunch we got ready and drove to my sister's home town. Anna's friend picked us up by 6 pm and we went to her house to eat. Another friend of theirs was there too and when we were ready we got a ride into town. Dancing the night away. I slept at my sister's house and the day after we picked up the kids and drove home. 

There was excitement and they almost couldn't wait to open their presents. It was really sweet to see their faces when they saw what "Tomten" had left for them. (Tomten is our Swedish name on "Santa".) He had left a scarf with a hat for me, together with a few other things. Again after that we ate a good meal and then we took it easy, the kids played and we watched TV.

The days in between
When Christmas was done I became ill. I had a terrible headache and a cold. So I didn't get much done those days. My sister and the kids went home on monday and I was doing everything to get well for New Years.

New Years Eve
I went to my good friend Christopher and ended up on a party with a few other friends. It was very calm.  We were talking and singing a bunch of songs (karaoke). It was a whole lot of fun! I'm hoping for s'more occasions like that throughout 2009.

Since then I have been studying. School starts on Thursday and I'm behind in som classes from last semester. No biggy, they're soon taken care of. Tomorrow I'm going to see a couple of friends I went to Junior High with, it'll be fun to see them again!

I'll write some more when I have the time!
Miss you a lot!



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