Graduation 10/6 - 2009


finally I've gone through my graduation here in Sweden too! I went up around five o'clock to shower and get ready. 07.00 a.m. my dad and I picked Jennie up to go to Edsbyn for breakfast. All of the Class of '09 students were gathering to eat together at the hotel. The food was yummy! One hour later my class - the economy class - walked to the school where we were to be photographed. After that we had the opportunity to talk to people and write in each others graduation hats while the rest of the classes had their pictures taken.

10.15 our principal gathered us in the arena where the speeches were held and grades were handed out. I'm very pleased with my grades by the way! Then we rehearsed the student song before we went out on the balcony to sing it. By then all the families, relatives and other friends had assembled outside the school. When the song was sung the classes marched out. Our class were second. Then we met our families, got flowers and greetings before we lined up to go to a park close by. The families went there as well.

Companies in our community handed out scholarships to some of the students - didn't get one - and once again speeches were held. When the ceremony was done we got to take some pictures with friends in the park before people went home for their receptions.



There were quite a few people who came to greet me. Two of my aunts and uncles with their husband/wife, my sister and the kids of course, Peter was there, two good friends to our family and I got flowers from both relatives and friends. So nice of them!

We offered people sandwich layer-cake to eat and for "fika" we had caces with whip cream and strawberried/marzipan. It seemed like people liked it. It was very nice to see all of those who came! The last people left aroud 06.00 p.m. and then our family went to Bollnäs for dinner. It's a resturant that kind of reminds me of Cracker Barrel, they have delicious American food. The closest I could get to you guys I guess, but you were with me in my mind all day anyways! :)


The evening I spent in Edsbyn at the "pub" Röda Bonden (Red Farmer). The students at school had booked it so most people from my grade were there. It was nice to see them all for the last time! (Some of them I'll probably see again..)  

That's it. Graduation is over and I'm free! How sweet is that?!! 

Hope all is well with you all! I'm gonna call the Brauns soon, so they'll have some more updates.

Love and miss y'all!


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