Almost done with school.

Sorry that I've been away from the blog for so long! These passed few weeks have been horrible, I'll tell you. I have had several assignments to turn in. Some of them have been laying on my desk since the fall semester. I've stayed up late every night to get them done. I had one marketing assignment due today. In my presentation I was supposed to come up with arguments to sell a mascara for men. Not so easy!  I had good use of the things I learned in speech class. Here's the advertisment I created:


Today was my last day in school though. I'll have to go there for grade talk and then my class are getting together do some preparations for graduation day. June 10th is the day! I spoke to one of my teachers this morning about my grade in "English conversation", a course I've attended since February and I got top results. I'm so happy!

Speaking of english conversation, daddy and mommy Braun, I'll probably call again soon. I'm really curious about wedding, graduation and everything else that's going on!

More over I'm waiting for my sister and her kids to come. They're on their way right now. We're going to try out the make up for prom. I've tried it once already but to be sure we'll do it again. Photographer, hair appointment and car is already taken care of. I just have to wear my shoes so I can manage them on prom day.  

My parents are doing well too. I think they are really excited about prom and graduation too. My mom has been offered to go back to her old job - sort of - they need some help on the economy department because one of the employers is sick. Mom's still considering but I think she might do it. A while anyways. Daddy has been working with wood a whole lot lately. We have a bunch of logs laying in our back yard that he's chopping to burn. Also one of our maples broke after a storm a couple of weeks ago. A branch fell off so he had to deal with that too.


Anna is doing well. She's got a new job since a month back. She seems to like it. The kids are fine too. All excited about summer vacation it seems. They'll stay with us for two weeks this summer, I'm looking forward to that!

I'll write some more about my summer plans in another entry. I will also give you updates on prom and graduation. I wish though. that you all could be here to celebrate with me!

Love y'all!


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